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ACTH Stimulation 2.0ml blood red daily (Pre & Post cortisol)
Albumin 1.0ml blood red daily
Alkaline Phosphatase 1.0ml blood red daily
ALT 1.0ml blood red daily
Amylase 1.0ml blood red daily
ANA 3.0ml blood red 4-7days
Anaerobic Culture fluid/anaerobic cult. 48hrs.
APTT 3.0ml plasma blue daily
Arthritic Profile 1.0ml blood & red+ daily
whole blood purple daily
AST 1.0ml blood red daily
Avian Profile 1-2ml whole blood green daily
Babesia canis 1-3ml blood purple daily
Bence Jones 3.0ml blood red 7-10days
Bile Acids 2.0ml blood red daily
Bladder Culture urine/culturette 48hrs.
Blood Culture blood culture bottle 7 days
Blood Lead whole blood purple 4-7days
Bovine IgG 2.0ml blood red 4-7days
Bovine Leukosis 3.0ml blood red 4-7days
Bovine Resp.Profile 3.0ml blood red 4-7days
Bromide (KBr) 2.0ml blood red 3-5days
Brucella Screen 1.0ml blood red daily
Buffy coat whole blood purple daily
BUN 1.0ml blood red daily
BVD 3.0ml blood red 7-10days
Campylobacter Culture stool culturette swab daily
Clostridium diff. stool 4-7days
CAE 5.0ml blood red 4-7days
Calcium 1.0ml blood red daily
CBC whole blood purple daily
Cervical Culture culturette swab 48hrs.
Chemistry Screen I 3.0ml blood red daily
Chem Screen II 3.0ml blood red daily
Chem, CBC 3.0ml blood red daily
whole blood purple daily
Chem, T4 3.0ml blood red daily
Chlamydia(PCR) swab in charcoal media 4-7days
Chloride 2.0ml blood red daily
Cholesterol 1.0ml blood red daily
CO2 2.0ml blood red daily
Coagulation Sc whole blood blue+ purlple day
Cobalamine/Folate 5.0ml blood red 4-7days
Coccidiomycosis 3.0ml blood red 3-5days
Coggins (EIA) 1.0ml blood red 2days
Coggins (ELISA) 1.0ml blood red 1hr.
Coombs whole blood purple daily
Cortisol 1.0ml blood red daily
CPK 1.0ml blood red daily
Creatinine 1.0ml blood red daily
Crossmatch receipient+ red + daily
donor's blood purple
Cryptococcus spinal fluid 7-10days
Cryptosporidia stool sample/swab 2days
CSF Analysis spinal fluid daily
Cyclosporin whole blood purple 7-10days
Cytology slides, swabs, fluids daily
Dex. suppression (cortisols) (pre,4hr,8hr) 2.0ml blood red daily
Digoxin 3.0ml blood red 4-7days
Direct Bilirubin 1.0ml blood red daily
Distemper Antibody 3.0ml blood red 4-7days
Distemper Antigen whole blood purple 4-7days
Drug Screen 5.0ml blood red 7-10days
Ear Culture culturette swab 48hrs.
Ehrlichia canis 3.0ml blood red 4-7days
Electrolytes 3.0ml blood red daily
EPM cruzi 5.0ml blood red 7-10days
Endocrine Screen 3.0ml blood+ red+ daily
whole blood purple
Equine Herpes 5.0ml blood red 7-10days
Equine influenza 5.0ml blood red 7-10days
Estrogen 3.0ml blood red 7-10days
Estrone sulfate 5.0ml blood red 7-10days
Ethylene Glycol whole blood purple daily
EVA 5.0ml blood red 7-10days
Eye culture culturette swab 48hrs.
Fecal culture culturette stool 48hrs.
Fecal fats & Trypsin stool daily
Fecal parvo swab/stool daily
Feline Battery 1.0ml blood red+ daily
whole blood purple
Feline calici virus 2.0ml blood red 4-7days
Feline Diseases 2.0ml blood red daily
Feline Panel 3.0ml blood+ red+ daily
whole blood purple
Feline Panel+T4 3.0ml blood+ red+ daily
whole blood purple
Feline Screen 2.0ml blood+ red+ daily
whole blood purple
Felv 1.0ml blood red daily
Felv-FIV 1.0ml blood red daily
Felv (IFA) whole blood purple 2-5days
FIA (Hemobartonella) whole blood purple daily
Fibrinogen whole blood purple daily
FIP 1.0ml blood red daily
FIP (PCR) 3.0ml blood red 7-10days
FIV 1.0ml blood red daily
Fluid Analysis body fluid 1-2days
Free T4 (EIA) 3.0ml blood red daily
Free T4 (ED) 3.0ml blood red 4-7days
Fructosamine 2.0ml blood red daily
Fungal Culture hair/skin/swab 21days
Fungal ID fungal culture 1-5days
Fungal serology 5.0ml blood red 3-7days
General Health 3.0ml blood+ red+ daily
whole blood purple
General Health-T4 3.0ml blood+ red+ daily
Geriatric 3.0ml blood+ red+ daily
whole blood purple
GGT 1.0ml blood red daily
Giardia (ELISA) fecal daily
Glucose 1.0ml blood grey daily
Gram stain slide/swab daily
Heartworm (Occult) 1.0ml blood red daily
Heartworm (Knott's) whole blood purple daily
Hematocrit whole blood purple daily
Hemoglobin whole blood purple daily
Herpes virus 3.0ml blood red 7-10days
Histopathology tissue 2-4days
each additional tissue 2-4days
HYPP 3.0ml blood red 7-10days
IgG (Equine) 1.0ml blood red 24hrs.
IgG (Llama) 3.0ml blood red 4-7days
Immune Screen whole blood purple daily
Inhibin Assay 5.0ml blood red 7-10days
Insulin 3.0ml blood red 2-3days
Insulin/Glucose 3.0ml blood red 2-3days
Iron 3.0ml blood red 4-7days
Kidney Function 2.0ml blood red daily
KOH hair daily
Large Animal Screen 3.0ml blood+ red+ daily
whole blood purple
LDH 1.0ml blood red daily
LE Prep whole blood purple daily
Leptospirosis 3.0ml blood red 4-7days
Lipase 1.0ml blood red daily
Lipid extraction 2.0ml blood red daily
Liver Function 2.0ml blood red daily
Lymes 3.0ml blood red 3-5days
Magnesium 2.0ml blood red daily
Manual differential blood/slide purple daily
Mercury 3.0ml blood red 7-10days
Milk culture milk 48hrs.
MPV whole blood purple daily
Mycoplasma culturette 4-7days
Nasal culture culturette daily
Neospora canis 3.0ml blood red 4-7days
Occult blood stool daily
Ova & Parasites stool daily
Pancreatic Function 2.0ml blood red daily
Parvo titer 3.0ml blood red 3-5days
Parvo (fecal) fecal daily
Phenobarbital 1.0ml blood red daily
Phosphorus 1.0ml blood red daily
Plasma protein whole blood purple daily
Platelet count whole blood purple daily
Potassium 2.0ml blood red daily
Potassium Bromide 2.0ml blood red daily
Potomac Horse Fever 3.0ml blood red 7-10days
Pre-Op Profile 2.0ml blood+ red+ daily
whole blood purple
Progesterone(K9, 2.0ml blood red daily
Prostate culture prostate wash 48hrs.
Protein Elec- 3.0ml blood red 4-7days
Protime 3.0ml whole blue daily
PTH Ionized Calcium 3.0ml blood red 4-7days
Rheumatoid Arthritis 2.0ml blood red daily
RBC whole blood purple daily
RBC morphology blood/slide purple daily
Rectal culture rectal swab 48hrs
Reticulocyte count whole blood purple daily
Rhino titer 3.0ml blood red 4-7days
Rocky Mountain- 3.0ml blood red 4-7days
Spotted Fever
Routine culture culturette swab 48hrs.
SED RATE whole blood purple daily
Selenium whole blood purple 4-7days
Sensitivity 48hrs.
SGOT (AST) 1.0ml blood red daily
SGPT (ALT) 1.0ml blood red daily
Skin culture culturette swab 48hrs.
Sodium 2.0ml blood red daily
Specific gravity urine/fluid daily
Sperm count semen daily
Stone Analysis bladder stone daily
Stool culture fecal/culturette 48hrs.
Strychnine whole blood/ green 7-10days
stomach content
T3 2.0ml blood red daily
T4 2.0ml blood red daily
Testosterone 3.0ml blood red 7-10days
Thyroid Battery 3.0ml blood red daily
Tick Panel 5.0ml blood red 4-7days
TLI (Canine) 3.0ml blood red 4-7days
TLI (Feline) 3.0ml blood red 4-7days
Total bilirubin 1.0ml blood red daily
Total protein 1.0ml blood red daily
Toxoplasmosis 3.0ml blood red daily
Trace Mineral 3.0ml blood red 7-10days
Transtracheal Cult. TT wash/swab 48hrs.
Trichomonas pouch/diamond media 7days
Triglycerides 2.0ml blood red daily
TSH (Canine) 3.0ml blood red 4-7days
TSH (Feline) 3.0ml blood red 4-7days
Uric Acid 2.0ml blood red daily
Urine Analysis urine daily
Urine Cortisol/ 5.0ml urine daily
Creatinine Ratio
Urine Crystals 10.0ml urine daily
Urine culture urine/culturette 48hrs.
Urine Protein/ 10.0ml urine daily
Creatinine Ratio
Uterine culture culturette swab 48hrs.
Vesicular Stomatitis 3.0ml blood red 7-10days
Vaginal culture culturette swab 48hrs.
Vitamin B-12 5.0ml blood red 7-10days
Von Willebrand whole blood blue 4-7days
WBC whole blood purple daily
Wound culture culturette swab 48hrs.
Wright's Stain slide/swab daily

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